VinylGuard Golf Flagstick Renewal Kit


VinylGuard Golf Flagstick Renewal Kit



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VinylGuard Golf Flagstick Renewal Kit

  • Low cost – a 250 ft. spool covers 30 – 35 regulation flagsticks for a fraction of the cost of a new flagstick
  • Very attractive, matching the popular brands’ colors
  • Extremely durable, easy to clean and will last for years
  • Quick and simple to apply using a heat gun
  • Available in White, Yellow and HOT PINK (for special ladies’ events)

How to Shrink – The Basics

  1. Use a high temperature heat gun with a heavy duty air blower seen below in related products
  3. Slide a length of VinylGuard over the shaft.
  4. Hold the heat gun a few inches away from the material to prevent burning.
  5. SLOWLY begin shrinking: Rotate the shaft while moving the heat gun back and forth. Apply sufficient heat to remove any wrinkles. The vinyl will quickly shrink and conform to the shape of the underlying material.
  6. After shrinking, allow the VinylGuard to FULLY COOL. Then trim the excess vinyl with a sharp blade or utility knife and apply a little heat to remove any wrinkles.
  7. Open flame sources of heat are not recommended for shrinking as they may burn or damage the vinyl and may not ensure uniform shrinking.


How To Apply The VinylGuard Golf Flagstick Renewal Kit

  1. Cut a length of vinyl 3″ longer than the flagstick, to allow for longitudinal shrinkage.
  2. Begin shrinking at the bottom of the flagstick. Push the material downward, pressing the vinyl against the ferrule until it shrinks to form a snug fit. Then shrink your way up the shaft.

Changing the Color of Flagsticks

  1. For all colors except yellow: Slide on a new color and shrink.
  2. To change a color to yellow: To ensure complete coverage, first shrink on a base of white vinyl. Slide yellow VinylGuard over the white and shrink.

Making Striped Flagsticks

  1. Choose a “base color” (usually white) and shrink it over the entire flagstick.
  2. Choose a color for stripes and cut the lengths required. Slide each stripe over the base color and shrink it in the position desired.

Tapered Tournament Flagsticks

  1. Lightly coat the shaft with soapy water. Slide the vinyl over the shaft, pushing the material down as far as possible.
  2. Begin shrinking at the widest point – in the center of the flagstick. SLOWLY work your way downward, pushing the vinyl against the ferrule until it shrinks to form a snug fit. Return to the center of the flagstick and work your way upward to the top.
  3. While shrinking, if air bubbles get trapped under the vinyl, press them out with your hand while the vinyl is still warm.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 4 in

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