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Safe-Tee Cooler Spigot


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Safe-Tee Cooler Spigot

Water-Handling Practices at Golf Courses are Going Under the Microscope
One of the biggest issues facing golf courses today is providing sanitary drinking water for their guests. To help resolve this problem cost-effectively, Par Aide has engineered a practical solution: Safe-Tee Water. This unique, patented system utilizes a sealed fill hose that injects water directly into disposable liners in a manner that is resistant to outside contaminants both during and after filling. The Safe-Tee Water system is the only NSF-certified system currently available and is the only system that uses a 100% sealed liner. Your safest option has huge advantages.

1. There’s no outside contact. Not with air. Not with human hands. Nothing.

2. Safe-Tee Water greatly reduces the labor needed to meet current water cooler sanitation requirements.

3. Alternatives are very expensive and have additional factors to consider:

  • Providing bottled water creates a great deal of waste and can be logistically difficult
  • Installing water fountains may be prohibitively expensive and require ongoing maintenance
  • Spigot shrouds and filtration systems may not meet local health guidelines or NSF certification

The Safe-Tee Water Fill-And-Dispense System Works Easily
First, the cooler spigot needs a quick conversion to the Safe-Tee Water fill-and-dispense pinch valve spigot. Then it’s a simple process. The Safe-Tee Water fill-and-dispense system is designed to work with ten-gallon insulated coolers. The fill system consists of a coupler that attaches to a dedicated water supply; hose; and adapter that connects to the liner’s fill tube. Safe-Tee Water spigots are ordered separately. They fit on the most common brands of coolers, easily replacing the original spigots. One-use sanitary liners are available in quantities of 200.

Safe-Tee Water Spigot

  • One water spigot.

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