GopherHawk Start Up Kit – Trap, Wedge and Probe


GopherHawk Start Up Kit – Trap, Wedge and Probe




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GopherHawk Start Up Kit

GopherHawk Traps are a Natural approach to trapping Gophers & Moles made clean and simple, to set and retrieve, all without the use of a shovel.

Homeowners & professionals will find Gopher Hawk a simple and effective trapping solution. Purchase the complete set first — the set has all of the essential tools for effective gopher & mole removal.

GopherHawk Start Up Kit Includes…

  • Trap
  • Wedge
  • Probe

Purchase additional traps to expand coverage in large properties & to eliminate heavy infestation.

Gohper Hawk Video


Aboveground Catch Indicator :

Catch indicator provides above ground proof that the trap has been set off. After the trap is set the indicator becomes hidden, and is only exposed again once the trigger has been activated and the trap has sprung.

No shovel means there is no digging involved with no need to handle dirt.

Natural, safe, and reusable:

Organic and noninvasive Gopherhawk traps provide effective results without the use of poison. Clean and safe and effective gopherhawk is perfect for home or commercial use. The narrow design allows the trap to be set without disturbing the surrounding area. And without the need for bait or poison the trap is safe and reusable.

Swivel trigger system:

Swivel trigger ensures the rodent does not discover the trap as they aproach. The swivel trigger ensures the gopher has fully entered the snare before the trap is activated. Even if the gopher is pushing dirt ahead of them, as they often do to clear the tunnel, the trigger will not be activated until the pest is in the trap.

Easy pest disposal:

Easy retrieval, Gopherhawk’s above ground approach lets you remove the trap as easily as setting it. Pulling up and releasing pest from trap clean and easy keeping your hands away from the gopher and dirt. Simply grasp the top of the mechanism and pull straight up the remove gopherhawk and the trapped gopher from the ground, then compress the trap and let the gopher fall from the snares.

Above ground, Without needing to place the trap fully inside the tunnel, the design allows for much of the mechanism to remain above ground.



  • Find the tunnel using the probe
  • Open the hole with the wedge tool
  • Place the trap and pull up to set
  • Tap outer sleeve to deactivate

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 4 × 2 in



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