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Angle Check


Check your bedknife attitude with our new ANGLE-CHECK™. Digital and magnetic, the ANGLE-CHECK™ is the easy way to check your bedknife attitude.


Set the ANGLE-CHECK on the ACCU-GAGE® bar & press the “zero” button.


Set the ANGLE-CHECK™ on the bedknife and read angle in degrees.

How To Use The Accu-Gage And The Rules And Tools For Precision Mowing

Striving for accuracy beyond practical limits can be both inefficient and frustrating. It is always best to establish a tolerance of accuracy that can produce the desired result without being too difficult to achieve or maintain. The following are some suggestions based upon our own experience and the experience reported by other mechanics and superintendents.


Mower Desired Cutting Height Suggested Tolerance
Greensmower .090-.250 4% of setting. For example:
Setting = .125
Tolerance = +-.005
Tee or Fairway .300-.500 7%
Fairways .500-1.00 10%
Roughs 1.50 and up 15%

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


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