Magna-Matic Rotary Blade Balancer


Magna-Matic Rotary Blade Balancer




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Magna-Matic Rotary Blade Balancer

The MAG-1000 is the “standard in the industry” blade balancer. It has been trusted for over 60 years to provide the least cost / highest accuracy balance reading. The MAG-1000 was originated by MAGNA-MATIC in 1958, and has been the standard balancing instrument in the Outdoor Power Equipment Industry.

In the 1950’s after the introductions of the rotary lawn mower to the home owner, most engine makers experienced heavy warranty work. This was because the engines did not last through the warranty period. It was quickly determined that the unbalanced blade was the cause. Balancing is a necessary part of servicing the blade. At that time most of the blades acted as the flywheel of the engine, this is still true for most walk-behind mowers today. The commercial mowers with multiple blade decks new rely on the bearing blocks. Consider that a tire on an automobile rotates at about 1000 RPM at 60 m.p.h., there is no question that your tires need to be balanced. Now consider a blade that rotates at 3000 RPM. You can now understand that seriously important to balance the blades on your mower. The vibration caused by an out-of-balance part in rotation at that speed will greatly damage the bearing blocks or crank shaft of a lawn mower. Vibration robs the mower of horse power, which will in turn reduce forward cutting speed and other aspects of the mower’s performance including fuel efficiency.

MAG-1000 Box Contents:

  • MAG-1000 Blade Balancer
  • Instruction Manual



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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 6 × 6 in


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