Aerification Displacement Chart

This chart can be used to help determine the amount a material removed by varying tine size and spacing. Many factors can influence actual results, so use this chart solely as a reference.

Which tine is right for you?

  • Heat Treated Steel – this is our normal tine material that gives you a good quality tine for an affordable cost. This may be a good option where you may hit gravel or rocks and the tine may break no matter what material it is.
  • Carbide Tip – hardened tip designed for lasting durability. The downside to carbide tip tines is that they may pull the turf up a little and they can wear out above the tip.
  • Phoenix Hardened Steel – these tines mean you don’t have to choose between a long-life, durable carbide tipped coring tine or a clean efficient cut and core with a standard heat treated tine. Phoenix provides both including significantly reduced ‘grow-in’ period and rust resistance for longer life.

Select Your Tine:

A brand new product just introduced.  A real Game Changer!
Mini Quad Tines​

 These tines are made of the highest quality steel to remove thatch with minimal disruption to the playing surface. A great growing season tine for all environments.  Try out a set today!

Needle Tines​

These tines have an “L” shape to mount on needle tine mounting blocks. Great for hot weather to promote gas exchange.

Talon Tines​

Maximize surface area and minimize trauma and surface disturbance. Root severing action promotes root branching and penetration promotes gas exchange during hot months.

Vent Tines

Get air and water to the soil profile and roots, alleviate compaction and black layer without compromising playability. Holes stay open for up to three weeks.

Quad Coring Tines

Highest quality quad tines for small hole core aerification.

Carbide Tip Quad Tines

Carbide tip ensures long lasting tine and consistent depth.

Solid Round Tines

Sometimes you just need to punch without the hassle of cleaning up plugs. Alleviate compaction, improve drainage and promote air and gas exchange. Great for fairways, tees and approaches.

Side Eject Coring Tines​

Our most popular tine and the industry standard for relieving compaction, reducing thatch and improving water and air flow into the soil profile.​

Carbide Tip Coring Tines

Side eject coring tines built to last with carbide tips.

Fairway Coring Tine​

Quality side eject coring tines for fairways and tees. Available in standard hardened steel, carbide tip or phoenix.​

Economy Roll Tines

These are heavy duty tines developed for punching fairways and roughs without breaking the bank. Pull a good core without worrying about rocks or damage.

Top Eject Coring Tine

For those who are looking for top eject tines, we have a durable, premium quality option for you.

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