Viper Nose Quad Tines


Viper Nose Quad Tines


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Viper Nose Quad Tines

Viper Nose Quad Tines are a new and unrivaled family of cutting edge quad tines that are minimally intrusive but remove maximum material.

  • Remove maximum thatch and material from your greens
  • Have the advantage of minimal disruption to play and fast recovery times while still removing maximum material
  • Get maximum durability and longevity out of Viper Nose Quad Tines because of their unique manufacturing process and special heat treating
  • Minimal to no plugging of tines during aerification
  • Built and backed by CTI with the quality assurance you’ve come to depend on



Viper Nose Quad Tines – A Game Changer for the Turf Industry

Why were they called a “game changer”? They ‘removed’ vastly more material with each stroke when compared with similar size Quads  our Quads. Since most top agronomists recommend removing a significant percentage of soil each year there was a problem. It is very difficult to do with existing Quad tines. Superintendents have been forced to continually increase the Quad’s size in order to remove more material. Now, more material can be removed without ‘sizing up’ and suffering the additional trauma of a larger tine footprint. Unlike our 1/8” MiniQuads, the larger Viper Nose tines can be used in place of the equivalent round nose and punch to full core depth.

Longevity has always been a big concern with any Quad tine. Below is a section of a test strip comparing our Viper Nose™ 3/8” Quads to our own standard 3/8” Quads. Test subjects said it was “like night and day”. One test course ran Viper Nose™ Quads on two Toro 648’s to complete the aerification. They reported that each machine completed 85,000 sq.ft. and our Viper Nose™ Quads still had what he believed to be 10-15,000 sq. ft. of life left in them.  So our Viper Nose™ Quads not only cut a great core but also last a very long time.


          We ran Viper Nose™ Quads against our own, round tipped 3/8” Quad and the results were astounding!

Viper Nose™ Quads have a new and significantly improved ‘heat treating process’.  Exactly what this process is, is confidential, but the proof is demonstrated in how long they last.

Thirdly, when run against our own standard Quad tines we saw a clear and evident improvement with No Plugging or Capping to date. This was especially significant since they were tested in varying soil conditions all across the USA.

The Viper Nose™ Quads cost a bit more than our standard Quads but they DO so much more that you will see the value.  See the side-by-side test (above) of how much more material the Viper Nose™ Quad removed. The additional cost of a Viper Nose™ Quad is a very small portion of the total cost of an aerification. Why not do the best job possible?


Many water their greens prior to aerifying to help insure a cohesive plug and to help prevent capping or plugging (clogging). Our tests have shown that this practice is not necessary since Viper Nose™ Quads do not seem to be affected by the % moisture. In short, Viper Nose™ Quads pull a full core under the most severe  conditions.

Ask your local CeresTurf dealer/distributor about how the new Viper Nose™ Quads can benefit your turf management program or give our office a call if you have any questions!

The Viper Nose™ family promises to be a ‘game changer’. 

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 1 × 1 in
Tine Diameter

1/2 inch, 1/4 inch, 1/8 inch, 3/8 inch, 5/8 inch

Tine Hardness


Tine Length

4.3 inches, 5 inch, 6 inch

Tine Mount

3/8 inch


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