VinylGuard Golf Rake Handle Renewal Kit


VinylGuard Golf Rake Handle Renewal Kit





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VinylGuard Golf Rake Handle Renewal Kit

Renew and protect splintered, cracked, faded, scratched, dirty fiberglass bunker rake handles
No More Splinters – No More Painting – No More Costly Replacements… and Will Last for Years

  • RH-1000 – VINYLGUARD Shrink-wrap for Bunker Rake Handles
  • Packaging – 250 ft. Spool per Box
  • Low cost – a 250 ft. spool covers 50 – 55 rakes for a fraction of the price of new handles
  • Very attractive, matching the popular brands’ colors
  • Extremely durable, easy to clean and will last for years
  • Quick and simple to apply using a heat gun
  • Great for renewing scratched, faded, powder coated, aluminum handles
  • Available in Green, Yellow and Brown

Using The VinylGuard Golf Rake Handle Renewal Kit

How to Shrink – The Basics

  • Use a high temperature heat gun with a heavy duty air blower – See related products below
  1. Slide a length of VinylGuard over the shaft.
  2. Hold the heat gun a few inches away from the material to prevent burning.
  3. SLOWLY begin shrinking: Rotate the shaft while moving the heat gun back and forth. Apply sufficient heat to remove any wrinkles. The vinyl will quickly shrink and conform to the shape of the underlying material.
  4. After shrinking, allow the VinylGuard to FULLY COOL. Then trim the excess vinyl with a sharp blade or utility knife and apply a little heat to remove any wrinkles.
  5. NOTE: Open flame sources of heat are not recommended for shrinking as they may burn or damage the vinyl and may not ensure uniform shrinking.

Bunker Rakes

  1. Cut a length of vinyl 3″ longer than the rake handle, to allow for longitudinal shrinkage.
  2. If you wish to replace the grip (new grips are available from VinylGuard) do so first, before applying VinylGuard.
  3. To ensure long-term, non-slip adherence, spray the bottom of the rake handle next to the rake head and lightly spray the shaft with 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive – available from VinylGuard.
  4. QUICKLY slide the vinyl over the shaft.
  5. Let the excess material overlap the receptacle of the rake head and overlap the grip during shrinking.
  6. Begin shrinking at the bottom of the handle: Push the material downward, pressing the vinyl over the rake head receptacle, until it shrinks and tightly conforms. Then shrink your way up the shaft.
  7. Let the VinylGuard and rake handle completely cool for at least an hour. Trim and remove the excess material covering the rake head receptacle and the grip.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 4 in

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