Shole Holecutter – Complete System – Tacit Golf


Shole Holecutter – Complete System – Tacit Golf


Inside Straight Blade – Sand-Based Greens

Outside Straight Blade – Native Soil Greens



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The Shole Holecutter System comes with everything you need to ensure a perfect cup every time.

  • Shole Hole Cutter – The Tacit Shole Hole cutter cuts an exact 108mm hole every time with an integral hammer action. With an upright operation, it is easy on the back, with a unique effortless core extraction system. The whole unit weighs less than 10kg! The bullseye spirit level makes sure every hole is cut level. It also comes with easy interchangeable compression / non-compression blades with an optional adjustable depth gauge.
  • Shole Shoe – holds shole upright on green while working so that no mark is left on the green
  • Holecutting Board – Holecutting board is made from Nylon to absorb the cutting action to enable precise hole cutting with the Shole hole cutter.
  • Depth Rings – used to ensure the cutter goes to the same depth every time, no matter who uses it.

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Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in

Cup Cutter Blade Type



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