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SP Hand Held Sprayers

We include a variety of high-grade nozzles with our sprayers, allowing you the flexibility to chose how YOU work. Each of our nozzles are customization for peak performance. All nozzles are NOT made equal – Spray your way, efficiently and effectively. Steam, mist, fan – Your choice!

At Sprayers Plus, we use only the highest quality genuine and industry-trusted Viton® seals.  Viton® seals are both stronger, more durable, and last longer than conventional rubber seals, meaning you can spray longer and leave the worry behind!

Spray all day in comfort with our unique spray gun handle design. Our spray guns feature a filter equipped with a fine screen mesh, providing excellent performance for lacquers and fine finishes. The fine mesh also helps to provide a cleaner, more accurate spray out of the gun tip, while simultaneously preventing unwanted debris from entering the gun that might cause blockage and clogging.

We use up to 50% thicker cylinders than other leading products in the market. We promise a solid foundation free from distortion, alongside a high duration, long lifetime housing. All our sprayers have a high tolerance for accidental drops, and our special UV Inhibitor on the tank will allow for usage under the sun for 3- 5 years without any cracking. Our unique Sprayers Plus tank design also simplifies the act of putting on and taking off the sprayer!

Our QuickFill system reduces spillage and saves you time, allowing you to spend more time working. Our precision inner thread engineering enhances the screwing experience to better serve you! Always a perfect fit, 100% sealed and secure. Our lid is designed to be able to lift a full sprayer tank for a lifetime.

Quick-snap wand holder for easy retrieval and storage of your Sprayers-Plus wand.

2 Gallon Model – BL20 Hand-Held Compression Sprayer

The BL20 is probably a “must-have” equipment for  people who work in the sanitizing and cleaning industry. It’s reliable, durable and very affordable. Three different types of nozzle are provided along with the sprayer and are ready to adapt and be used for all situations and purposes.

1 Gallon Model – YT10 Hand-Held Compression Sprayer

The YT series is commonly seen on the trailer of professional landscape company as one of the essential equipment. Regardless of its capacity at 1, 2 or 3 Gallons, the YT Sprayer will deliver a great job with no doubt. It is equipped with the exclusive internal compression pump module which is highly durable when used in default approved application. Same as the other models in the Sprayers Plus™ family, the YT Sprayers is molded with high-density polyethylene including UV inhibitor protection. It can espouse under the sun with high heat for a long enough period of time without any damage nor crack. The 5.24 Quickfill mouth opening reduces the risk of spillage while filling. With maximum 100 PSI and recommended working pressure between 15- 60 PSI, it is an ideal sprayer to be carried around in a daily basis.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 10 in



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