Safety ProTect Grip for Bunker Rakes


Safety ProTect Grip for Bunker Rakes


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Safety ProTect Grip for Bunker Rakes

ProTect Bunker Rake Grip Details

• Designed to be used by individual golfers
• Includes clip for golf bags or carts
• Allows bunker rakes to be placed back on golf courses
• Easy to sanitize between uses
• Strong, durable and weather resistant material

INTRODUCING the Safety ProTect Grip from Par Aide. The safest way to have bunker rakes on the course while reducing touch-points from all golfers.

Par Aide’s new ProTect Grip allows bunker rakes to safely be placed back on the golf course! Using these grips is great option to help golf return to normal playing conditions. These grips are designed to be used by individual golfers, include a clip to attach to a golf bag, push cart or golf car, and they couldn’t be easier to use! Simply slide the ProTect Grip over the bunker rake grip, rake bunker, remove ProTect Grip and clip back on bag/cart/car.




Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in


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