Plastic ST2000 Smart-Fit Cup – Standard Golf


Plastic ST2000 Smart-Fit Cup – Standard Golf


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Plastic ST2000 Smart-Fit Cup – Standard Golf

The Facts

  • Flagsticks that twist ultimately lean (because cups and ferrules wear out.)
  • Sand and grit cause cups to stick, eventually wearing out both cups and ferrules.
  • When flagsticks start to lean, it magnifies and accelerates the problem. (That’s when players really take notice.)
  • Notched-ferrule flagsticks fall right into place every time without twisting, sticking or sinking.
  • Bonderite aluminum cups for maximum life and the most chip-resistant coating around.
  • High strength plastic cups molded with chemical-resistant polymers provide a brilliant, lasting finish.
  • Meets all USGA regulations.
  • 6″ high
  • 4¼” diameter

The Answer

  • If your cups and ferrules don’t work together, you really haven’t solved the problem.
  • The Smart-Fit System is the only one specially engineered to seat the flagstick perfectly every time and minimize wear-and-tear.
  • Plus, sturdy gusset-reinforced ribs of the ST2000 Cup allow dirt and sand to freely sift through to eliminate buildup.
  • THE RESULT: Flagsticks don’t stick, twist or lean, because they don’t suffer the constant wear and tear that typically occurs with other ferrule and cup combinations.
  • Choose between Aluminum or High-Strength Plastic Cups.


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


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