Pinpoint Cup Changer


Pinpoint Cup Changer


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Introducing the Pinpoint Cup Changer – the ultimate game-changer for golf course maintenance! Say goodbye to back strain and damaged edges with this innovative tool that combines the efficiency of an all-metal cup setter with a waist-height cup puller. Save time and effort by effortlessly removing and placing cups without bending over, thanks to increased leverage and adjustable ferrule height for precise cup depth. Keep your turf pristine without leaving ugly indents or edges – upgrade to the Pinpoint Cup Changer today for a smoother, more efficient golf course maintenance experience!

  • Increased leverage improves efficiency.
  • Easily remove and place cups without bending over, saving your lower back
  • Set cups without damaging cup edges or leaving indents on the turf
  • Adjust ferrule height for perfect cup depth


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