J Series Premium Fountain Nozzle – Palm


J Series Premium Fountain Nozzle – Palm


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Kasco J Series Premium Fountain Nozzle – Palm

Kasco’s Palm Premium Nozzles are the ultimate accessory to enhance your fountain display, designed exclusively for the J Series. Their clean and distinct streams add a touch of drama and allure to any outdoor space.

Whether you want to create a focal point in your private pond or make a statement in a commercial setting, the Palm Premium Fountain Nozzle is your go-to choice. Get ready to captivate and enchant with this extraordinary addition to your water feature.

  • 1 Palm Premium Nozzle
  • Palm Premium Nozzle is purchased separately and has easy twist-and-lock installation.
  • Available for the following 50Hz 1, 2, 3, 5HP & 60Hz units: 2, 3, 5, & 7.5HP
  • Installation tool included for Palm nozzle
HP Power Frequency Pattern Height Pattern Width
2 60 Hz 12 Ft. 26 Ft.
3 60 Hz 16 Ft. 36 Ft.
5 60 Hz 20.5 Ft. 40 Ft.
7.5 60 Hz 22 Ft. 42 Ft.
1 50 Hz 2.6m 6.1m
2 50 Hz 3.8m 8.5m
3 50 Hz 4.7m 10.1m
5 50 Hz 5.1m 10.4m


Installation Instructions for J Series Premium Nozzles


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