Magna-Matic Universal Rotary Blade Sharpener


Magna-Matic Universal Rotary Blade Sharpener



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Magna-Matic Universal Rotary Blade Sharpener

The MAG-8000 universal lawn mower blade sharpener is the industry’s only solution for consistently grinding the same angle along the full cutting edge of mulching and conventional edge lawn mower blades. Originally released in 1999 it was awarded three US patents for its groundbreaking design solving the problem of sharpening curved cutting edge mulching lawn mower blades.

While very popular with lawn mower dealerships and sharpening shops for its ability to cover all blades out there – the MAG-8000 is also popular with lawn care professionals that are switching between mulching blades and conventional blades throughout the year.

What can it do:

  • Sharpen mulching lawn mower blades without burning
  • Sharpen conventional lawn mower blades without burning
  • Maintain a 30 degree edge angle
  • Set angles from 25 to 45 degrees in 5 degree increments
  • Sharpen any length cutting edge
  • Sharpen right or left-handed blades with a single direction motor
  • Sharpen a commercial mower blade in 1-2 minutes

MAG-8000 Box Contents:

  • MAG-8000 Sharpener, includes all safety guards
  • 9000-35 medium 1″ wide grinding wheel
  • 8000-30 medium 1/2″ wide grinding wheel
  • Mulching blade rounded worktable
  • Conventional blade flat worktable
  • 9000-21 spanner wrench
  • 9000-53 arbor wrench
  • Instruction Manual



Additional information

Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 12 in


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