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    -Michael Scully, The Villages Golf & Country Club
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SpraySmart Marking Paint Device
Part NO. STD57000
Our Price:
Product Description

SpraySmart Marking Paint System Device

2018 Special Promo:

  • 24 cases of SpraySmart Paint Pouches (288 Pouches)  Mix and Match Any Color
Receive the SpraySmart Device FREE ($299 Retail Value).

  • 12 cases of SpraySmart Paint Pouches (144 Pouches)  Mix and Match Any Color

Receive $100 OFF the Price of the SpraySmart Device

Golf course markings have never been easier!

The Rust-Oleum SpraySmart ("Spray Smart") system is a patent-pending, propellant free spray system for spraying marking paint. The reusable device operates on compression technology to spray paint using SpraySmart disposable paint pouches. You get the same great coverage, color and durability you would expect from a Rust-Oleum product but with less waste.

  • Propellant free formula sprays on any substrate and in any weather condition; even works on dew covered grass
  • Designed to fully empty each paint pouch – no waste
  • Bright and durable colors are safe for grass
  • Space saving paint pouches can be easily stored or shipped (including overnight air shipping)
  • Device fits in existing marking paint wands
  • Non-clogging spray tip provides one pass coverage



Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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