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RPS75 Rotor Sprinklers
Part NO. RPS75
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Product Description

RPS75 Rotor Sprinklers

The most cost-effective solution on the market, the RPS75® gear drive is high quality, durable and reliable sprinkler designed for basic residential and light commercial applications. A direct replacement for the Hunter PGP® rotor, with our time-proven, patented reversing mechanism (the same used in the Hunter PGP), the RPS75 drops directly in an installed Hunter PGP can.

K-Rain Distance Illustration


  • 3/4" Female Threaded NPT Inlet
    Replaces all standard rotors
  • Direct Replacement for Hunter PGP
  • Riser Fits in Existing Hunter PGP Cans
    Simply unscrew the existing riser from the PGP can and replace with the RPS75 riser
  • Top Adjustment
    No training necessary, the RPS75 has the same adjustment procedure as the Hunter PGP
  • Full and Part Circle Rotation
    Provides a full range of adjustment from 40° to 360°
  • Universal Adjustment Tool
    Compatible with existing Hunter products
  • Rubber Cover
    Seals out dirt and increases product durability
  • Wide Selection of Nozzles
    Provides flexibility in system design
  • Eight (8) Standard and Four (4) Low Angle nozzles included


Specification Details
Inlet 3/4” Female Threaded NPT
Arc Adjustment Range 40 to 360 degrees
Flow Range .75 to 8.2 GPM
Pressure Rating 30 to 70 PSI
Precipitation Rate .12 to 1.16 inches per hour
(Depending on Spacing and Nozzle)
Overall Height
(Popped Down)
7 3/8”
Recommended Spacing 25’ to 45’
Radius 22’ to 51’
Nozzle Trajectory 25 degrees
Low Angle Nozzle Trajectory 11 degrees
Riser Height 4"



RPS75 Product Brochure
RPS75 Rotary Sprinkler Nozzle Performance Data
RPS75 Sprinkler Setting Instructions

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