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Cup-Saver (Set of 5)
Part NO. 1073
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Product Description


The Cup-Saver tool will help keep your cups looking great longer. Made of durable molded plastic, the cone shaped design features an easy to grab stem. Perfect for use when painting cup holes or when topdressing or applying chemicals.

The Cup-Saver is a universal tool useful for:

Painting applications

It works with the Hole in White, Par Aide, and the Tidy Whitey Painting system. The Cup-Saver is a must have while painting the golf hole.

Spraying applications

The Cup-Saver fits in the cup holder on the spray rig. The Cup-Saver speeds up the process of the detailed work that is required of turf managers.

Topdressing applications

The Cup-Saver will keep the sand out of the golf hole.

Quantity: Sold in sets of five (5).

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