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  • Par West has the best selection in the industry and great pricing to match.  There have been times where I was looking for something out of the norm, and they went and found it for me.  I highly recommend them to all of my fellow superinten
    -Michael Scully, The Villages Golf & Country Club
  • Par West makes the process easy.  I can order on their website, text my rep or send them an email.  Either way, my stuff shows up without any hassle.  There are plenty of other vendors that are lacking in service, these guys make it a
    -Todd Shank, Alhambra Golf Course
Emerald Driving Range Tee Line Synthetic Grass - Per Sq. Foot
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Product Description
Driving Range Golf Mat, Tee Line - Emerald 2 Tone Nylon

Our Emerald Tee Line Turf is perfect for practicing all of the shots in your bag. Made of 100% spring crimped nylon material. It will not fade, bunch, weather or leave marks on your clubs. Our Emerald Tee Line Turf  at is 1.25 in. thick with a urethane backing that will withstand repeated abuse. Our dense fiber mat allows you to feel the difference on a fat shot because if you go to deep the thick fibers will slow your clubhead speed resulting in a fat shot. In practice you will learn to eliminate your mishit shots. Our competitor's golf mats will bounce which will result in mishit shots. Our Tee Line turf lets you hit down and through the ball for better practice and lets you use a real wooden tee just like you would on the course.

  • Made of resistant nylon fibers that will hold up to golf swings
  • Holds a Wooden Tee anywhere in Turf
  • The durable fibers of Emerald Tee will not mark your club head like other mats often do
  •  Emerald Tee is 100% made in the USA
  •  Emerald Tee is a high pile turf and offers the best feel as the club moves through in the industry
  •  Emerald Tee Line Turf does not bounce with a fat shot due to the construction of the fiber and pile height
  •  2-Tone Green Colors make realistic viewing
  • Perfect for driving ranges, golf courses, and personal practices areas
  • Available up to 15' Wide x  - Sold Per Square Foot
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