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    -Michael Scully, The Villages Golf & Country Club
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15" Tour Smooth II Bunker Rakes
SKU: 11850
Part NO. 11800-11860
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Product Description

Standard Golf 15" Tour Smooth II Bunker Rakes

Time-tested design and performance of the Tour Smooth bunker rake just got an upgrade. Improved rake assembly and the addition of the exclusive Gator Grip Handle makes the Tour Smooth II a must for all courses.

  • 15" head
  • Smoothes both fine and course sand into perfect playing conditions quickly and easily
  • Pair the Tour Smooth II with the exclusive 60" (152 cm) Gator Grip Handle for a level of performance unmatched by any of the competitors
  • A single self-tapping screw (included) is all you need for assembly

Available SKUs

SKU Description
11801 15" Tour Smooth II Head
11860 54" Green Aluminum Handle
11800 54" Green Composite Handle
11820 60" Green Gator Grip Handle
11830 60" Brown Gator Grip Handle
11850 64" Green Aluminum Curved Handle



  • One (1) Head (11801)
  • Gator Grip, Aluminum & Composite Handles - 12 rakes
  • Curved Handles - 6 rakes

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