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  • Par West has the best selection in the industry and great pricing to match.  There have been times where I was looking for something out of the norm, and they went and found it for me.  I highly recommend them to all of my fellow superinten
    -Michael Scully, The Villages Golf & Country Club
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Original Foot Extraction Hole Cutter with Bubble Level
SKU: PAR1002-19
Part NO. 1002-19 - 1002-49
Available Options:
Blade Options:
Straight Blade, Outside Edge and Bubble Level
Scalloped Blade, Inside Edge and Bubble Level
Scalloped Blade, Outside Edge and Bubble Level
Straight Blade, Inside Edge and Bubble Level
Our Price:
Product Description

Foot Extraction Hole Cutter With Bubble Level

Our blades are so strong, you need a high-speed drill or grinding wheel to sharpen them. Quality construction gives you the edge.

  • Individually hand-made
  • Heat-treated, hardened steel blade resists rock damage
  • Dip-Treated Blade for added corrosion resistance
  • Foot action for plug removal

Turf plug is extracted by stepping down on the foot plate.

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