Par West Launches New B-Rake Scheduled for Summer Release

Par West is excited to announce the launch of its new B-Rake, a revolutionary tool designed to make sand bunkers easier to groom and maintain. This new rake has shark teeth-like tines that effortlessly groom sand without pulling sand to the edges of the bunker. The B-Rake is scheduled for release in the summer, just in time for golfers and groundskeepers alike to take advantage of its features.

The B-Rake has been designed with convenience and efficiency in mind. Its lightweight, 20-inch rake head design makes it easy to maneuver around bunkers while its sharp tines quickly and effectively groom sand without any effort on the user’s part. With this new rake, golf courses can expect a more consistent look throughout their bunkers and improved playability for their players.

  • It is made with durable trailing polymer brush bristles that create a smooth surface on your sand for a beautifully superior playing experience.
  • Slimmer tine construction that leaves more sand in the middle of the bunker for a better playing surface versus pulling sand to bunker edges, leaving furrows or “claw marks” that affect playability.
  • A 20-inch head with re-engineered tine teeth at 1 1/2 inches makes it perfect for more compact bunker sand.
  • Can fit multiple fiberglass rake handles for easy flexibility in switching out handle lengths
  • Best new value rakes out there matching quality with price against other competition.
New B-Rake by Par West

Par West’s B-Rake will revolutionize bunker maintenance and set a new standard in the industry when it releases this summer.

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